The iCellPower XX2 Inverter Series (1.5KW – 10.0KW) – Specs Review and Prices

icellpower x2 inverter

This a product I am confident of associating myself with. The Brand, iCellPower is actually a Nigerian Brand and I think this has helped them in product design and manufacturing. This iCellpower inverter series is designed for premium performance in a lightweight compact package. It comes with a nicely designed LCD screen with input function. It is also fitted with a fast and powerful advanced charger with improved saver mode function. Works with all types of batteries and the design is wall mount with space-saving in mind. The series consists of a number is products from the XX2-1512 (1.5KVA) to the XX2-10048 (10KVA). The full list of the product series include XX2-1512, XX2-2012, XX2-2024, XX2-3524, XX2-3548, XX2-5024, XX2-5048, XX2-6524, XX2-8048, XX2-10048 XX2-1512, XX2-2012, XX2-2024, XX2-3524, XX2-3548, XX2-5024, XX2-5048, XX2-6524, XX2-8048 and  XX2-10048. See the table below for the ratings in KVA and the number of batteries you can connect to them. Each battery is assumed to be 200ah. The series produces Pure SineWave.

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icellpower xx2 inverter batteries

Using with Generator

I personally love the fact that you can control the amount of current the inverter can use to charge the batteries. I currently use the XX2-3524 with its rating of 3.5V; since it has a DC rating of 24V, I can only use pairs of batteries (I use 4 currently). Even though the inverter can charge with up to 30 Amperes, I reduced this to just 15A; you can use the input LCD panel for this or a button on the side. Reducing the charging allows me to use the inverter on my 5.5KVA generator without having to switch off my ACs; the load on the generator is dependent on the current it is required to supply. Note that charging at a lower current even if it might increase how long you can use your battery, it will cause your batteries to charge slowly.


By Pass and Power Saver Function

I also love the bypass function when you can switch off the inverter but the inverter will still allow your appliance to be supplied power through the main power supply and still charge the batteries. I do not recommend inverters that do not charge the batteries once it is switched off. Also, it has a power saver mode that might help you save battery power by not supplying power when no load is plugged. The XX2 inverter does this by checking every 15 seconds if you have any load connected before supplying power from your batteries; this will prevent your house wiring from draining your inverter batteries.

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This is definitely one of the best inverters I have used; the wall installation method also helps save space. I will definitely recommend this. iCellPower also includes a 1-year warranty cover on it.


PS: Always engage a Professional for your inverter installations for safety reasons.

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