LG 8kg Top Loader Inverter Washing Machine – Review and Specs

A time will always come when you start thinking of getting a washing machine to take care of your laundry. This decision might be driven by the fact that you discovered most of your weekend is spent washing or you will like to upgrade the one you have already. The LG 8kg Top Loader Inverter Washing Machine (T8588NEHVAC) is a good option to consider. We’ll go through the specs below in our usual plain English manner.  This washing machine is what we call a fully automatic washing machine, you have no reason to touch the fabric once the washing starts, unlike semi-automatic machines. Also, as the name implies, the door is positioned on the top as seen in the picture below. You can learn about the different kinds of washing machines in our Guide to Washing Machines here.

LG 8kg Top Loader Washing Machine
LG 8kg Top Loader Washing Machine

Capacity and Smart Inverter

The capacity is stated at 8kg, this is a very common size in the entry sizes for automatic washing machines, this might sound small but I can assure you that it can easily handle two people’s weekly laundry at once. I currently use the slightly older version of this, I know.  The most noticeable feature of the washing machine is that it is equipped with a smart inverter; what this means is that you get a very energy-efficient machine that does not waste energy thereby saving you money spent on power. The LG smart inverter in this washing machine promises up to 36% energy cost savings compared to conventional non-inverter washing machines. Also, this means that you can run thins on a relatively smaller generator without worrying about the high starting power of the washing machine as with all inverter electronics. The machine is also equipped with an Auto-Restart feature; this means if there is a power cut when washing, the machine will recover from where it was before the power cut; isn’t that wonderful.

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Washing Technology – Turbo Drum and Auto Pre-Wash

TurboDrum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes the toughest dirt through a strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction. It washes by Agitating, Rotating, and Swinging; it uses an appropriate method for the appropriate fabric keeping your delicates safe. The Auto Pre-Wash will ensure tough stains are removed with just one touch; it works by firstly agitating the fabric for 2 minutes, then soaking it for another two minutes, this cycle is repeated twice before the normal washing starts. That means normal washing only starts after 8 minutes of pre-wash.

The Smart Inverter Motor ensures minimum noise and vibration levels; it also comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor. Smart Diagnosis™ helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, limiting costly and inconvenient service visits; this works via an app on your phone. This is a very reliable machine I will recommend any day, if you have a large family though, I’ll suggest you go for a larger capacity to ensure minimum washing cycles. Even though there is no dryer, the spinner can easily air dry your clothes that you won’t need to spread in the sun to dry.

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  • Type
    Top Loader Washing Machine
  • Dimension
    632 x 670 x 1020
  • Smart Function
    Smart Diagnosis
    Production Site
  • Max Wash Capacity(kg)
    Blue White
  • Seethrough
    Tempered Glass
    LED 18:88
  • Drum Volume(L)
  • Motor type
    Control Panel
    Sheet Type + New Hole Lighting Design
  • Wash Algorithm
    Turbodrum With Inverter Technology
    Normal, Wool, Duvet, Silent, Normal+Pre Wash, Quick Wash, Extra Clean, Tub Clean
  • Option
    Air Dry
    Delay Start
    3~18 hr
  • Water Level
    Child Lock
  • Auto Restart
    Filter Type
    Mesh Filter (2EA)
  • Pulsator
    Punch + 3
    Inner Tub
    Semi Stainless
  • Inner Tub (size)
    Ø490.8 H 506.6
    Motor Output*
  • Power Consumption
    Speed RPM (S)*
    700 RPM (±50)
  • Rating
    Real: 220V~, 50Hz
    Mark: 220V~, 50Hz
  • Hot Wash
    Cold Wash
  • Dimension with packing (WxDxH)
    630 x 677 x 1035
    Net Weight(kg)
  • Weight with packing(kg)
    Stuffing : 40 ft (H)
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