LG REF 432-H 437L Inverter Refrigerator – Specs Review and Price

lg 432l inverter grefrigerator

This LG 437 Liters refrigerator from LG is a great device; I actually have one in my kitchen right now so believe me when I say so. I won’t bother to bore you with technical specifications this early (They are awesome by the way); will just tell you what this refrigerator has that might convince you to make it yours. From the title, you’ll notice it’s called an inverter refrigerator; that because its compressor is not the conventional type; it what is called an inverter compressor, you can read about that here. The summary of the inverter part is that the compressor works by varying its speed unlike the start and stop method of the conventional compressors; the compressor is what does the cooling hard work in your Refrigerator or Air Conditioners. You can see its updated price on Jumia and Konga below before I get into its amazing features in detail.



The Refrigerators equipped with LG’s NatureFresh, which keeps your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer. It does this by the unique door cooling from LG coupled with their tried and trusted Linear Cooling that is designed to minimize temperature fluctuations to less than 0.5C of your set temperature though out the fridge based on your set temperature. It also has a multi Airflow system that supplies cooling air to every corner of the refrigerator by using multiple cooling air vents.

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Inverter Linear Compressor

To its compressor, as we said before, this is a compressor type compressor. Also, it’s also a linear type unlike conventional compressors that are rotating, so it has less friction to overcome; making it more energy-efficient. The inverter part works by controlling the speed of the compressor, making it work harder only when it is needed (like when you leave the door open or you just turn it on), conventional compressors can not control their speed, they only stop and start as needed. This increases the energy efficiency of the LG REF432H refrigrator dramatically. Also, the inverter compressor does not need a lot of power to start the compressor so you can use the refrigerator on a relatively small generator compared to conventional refregrators.


Interior and Storage

The device is well lit with energy-efficient LED panels with an extremely long life span. The ice maker in the freezer compartment is movable, so you can easily move it from side to side or even take it out completely when you need more freezer space. The Freezer is onto while the fridge section on the bottom. This refrigerator is very voluminous and you will love it, its 432 Liters is almost two drums; in volumes that can actually use. I like the vegetable/fruits section at the bottom of the fridge,  it actually works. The included Deodorizer removes any smell from your freezer so any unwanted odor transfer is avoided.

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lg 432l  inverter fridge inside

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