What is an Inverter Air conditioner – Should I buy one?

inverter ac

Inverter ACs are now very common in Nigeria these days with brands like LG, Haier Thermocool, and others coming with various so-called inverter technology. Before we talk about its claimed advantages, I’ll briefly try to explain how it works. All  ACs use a compressor or compressors to generate the cooling effect we desire; this is the major working part of the unit. The faster the compressor works, the more cooling is achieved. This is common to both conventional AC and inverter AC.


How does it work?

An inverter in this regard is a device used to control the speed (through frequency and voltage) at which the compressor is working; thereby controlling the cooling power. Conventional AC works by starting the compressor at full speed when it senses an increase in temperature and switches the compressor off when the desired temperature is achieved; a lot of energy is needed to start a compressor at full power, this is why your generator might make some noise when your air conditioner starts. This causes the compressor to cycle through on and off positions throughout its usage. Inverter AC technology uses the inverter to set the speed of the compressor based on the amount of cooling power needed; it increases the speed when the temperature of the room gets too high and slows down the compressor when the desired temperature is achieved. There is no on-off cycle with the inverter AC, only a change in compressor speed as needed.

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Is it better?

  • The inverter AC can be used on a relatively small generator since there is no initial high power requirement like the conventional AC.
  • Inverter ACs are generally quieter because the compressor does not have to start and stop.
  • Inverter ACs tend to save you in power costs since they run efficiently than conventional ACs.
  • There is little variation in room temperature with inverter ACs.

We must note that with all the listed benefits of AC inverters, they are usually more expensive than their conventional counterparts though you will likely recover the additional costs from lower electricity bills usually over a two-year period.


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