What LG ThinQ is all about? How it saved me money.

What is LG ThinQ?

LG ThinQ is an artificial intelligence (AI) drive app created by LG Electronics to add value to their compliant appliances like Washers, TV, Air Conditioners, refrigerators, etc. The App helps to manage all your compliant LG Appliances seamlessly while help you maximize efficiency while saving Power.  The endgame for the LG ThinQ app is for you to have a connected home where all your devices are connected on the platform and you can control them remotely from your phone. I currently have a couple of LG devices (a Refrigerator, 1 Smart TV, 2 ACs, 1 Microwave, and a Washing Machine) at home so I decided to give this a try.


Troubleshooting a faulty AC.

My first contact with the app was when one of my LG Gencool AC (it was an inverter AC) was not working as expected, I downloaded the app from the Google Playstore onto my phone and connected the AC to the Service; after doing it magic, it gave me a notice of a leakage of the refrigerant (gas) in the AC. I called a technician and I told him what the problem was; it was discovered that the leak was a result of improper installation. All he had to do was just tighten some nuts and refilled the gas; and voila, my AC was back to business. He might have probably charged me more if he has to do the troubleshooting.

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Connected Home.

I then decided to try out the other functions by connecting the other devices; I could not connect the Washing Machine (I later realized it did not have the LG ThinQ Badge). I was able to set the temperature of the refrigerator and give my Microwave a clean bill of health. I actually look forward to when I can basically have a smart house by having all my devices connected. I learned this thing knows when you open your fridge often so it works harder to keep it cool, and saves you power during your off-peak times. You can set your AC temperature before you get home.

PS: Note that you will need a working Wifi Connect to control devices remotely


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