Amaze 220AH 12v Short Tubular Wet Cell Inverter Battery- Specs Review and Price

amaze inverter battery

Amaze is a manufacturer based in India and if we go by other Indian inverter brands used in Nigeria, we can say the battery should be well built.  The Amaze 220AH Short Tubular Wet Cells battery is designed to be used for inverter installations. This is also a  12V 220AH battery, meaning if you use a 12V inverter, you can use basically either 1 or 2 of these, a 24V will require the batteries in pairs(2, 4 or 6).  This Amaze short tubular battery is a wet cell battery, meaning it is not maintenance free as those common inverter batteries that are sealed (Sealed Maintenance Free, SMF). Its 48 months warranty is a very big advantage; this a signal to its reliabilty.



Tubular Wet cell batteries are typically more rugged and can withstand high and low temperature; they however require a little bit of maintenance as the electrolyte might need topping in about six months’ interval depending on the usage. A single battery of this type is capable of providing back-up power to a relatively small apartment with one TV and two fans; backup time should be a minimum of 6 hours depending on inverter efficiency. This battery is equipped with visible float gauges that allow you to see the level of the electrolyte and to top as at when needed.

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Tubular Wet cell batteries have been reviewed to last up to five years under rugged usage and regular maintenance. These are built for supercharged performance with excellent overcharge resistance. They are protected from overcharging and can easily recover from over-discharging.

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