LG Refrigerator 131 – 95L Reviews Specs and Price

LG 131 fridge

LG has been making this Fridge since God knows when but I can tell you that this LG 131 Refrigerator is one of the best they’ve ever made; I have my reasons and I’ll tell you why. On a personal note; this is the very first electrical appliance I ever bought into my small apartment some years back so I might be personal about this review. This refrigerator series has gotten some make-over over the years, making it more technology compliant.

Let us paint a scenario, you just got a small apartment for yourself, might be a mini-flat or even a single room; you need a refrigerator to make sure all the food left-over and soup does not go to waste very quickly, you also need to be able to get some cold drinks as a when needed. You are short on space and your budget is not very large; this is the kind of refrigerator you should look at. Let me tell you why.

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It is small enough not to take too much space in your small kitchen or room but spacious enough to accommodate your cooling and freezing needs without putting a dent in your purse. I have to tell you that there is a lot of competition in the compact refrigerator space (See this Haier Thermocool 90 Liters refrigerator ). You might also have a small generator; don’t worry, you almost definitely do not need to buy a bigger one because this LG 131 95L refrigerator is very nice when it comes to electrical power consumption. I used this puppy for close to 5 years before dashing it out to my kid brother and it still works. I’ll talk a bit about the technical bit below; it is just to give you some numbers, in case you’re someone like me.

Specification of the LG 131 Refrigerator

Like I said earlier, the capacity is 95 Litres with a dimension of 463 X 830 X 500, all in mm, so it’s very nimble to carry and move around the house. LG equipped it with its Direct cooling technology which guarantees it very fast cooling. It’s a single door refrigerator with a top freezer compartment; there is also an anti-bacteria gasket that keeps the cooled space bacteria-free; so no foul smell.

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This LG 131 refrigerator works with a voltage supply from 110V to 290V so you actually do not need a voltage regulator (Stabilizer) for it. It is available in White and Silver colours, with a transparent freezer door (some models have a white door for the freezer compartment) equipped with an ice tray; the egg tray can also be used as an ice tray. A door lock is also provided in case there is a need to lock your precious cargo under lock and key.

lg 131 inside


This is very likely the best compact refrigerator with Fridge and Freezer compartments that you can buy on the market. LG’s reputation as a reliable technology company really shines through with this one. It’s small enough not to occupy too much space, enough space for drinks and leftover food, and a very efficient device that does not consume power; so you can use it on your inverter or small generator.

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