Midea HS121L (93-Litre) Single Door Fridge – Review Specs and Prices

Midea WHS-121LW1 93l Fridge

This 93 Liters compact  Midea Fridge is designed for the kitchen low on space; it is the perfect solution for kitchen, office, and rooms. It occupies the same market segment as the LG131 and Haier Thermocool HR-107R6.  With its 92Liters capacity,  the Midea HS-121L Refrigerator is suitable for kitchen use, offering a 92-liter capacity for storage of your food items, drinks, and more. The Midea HS-121L is a reversible single door refrigerator and comes with several features. It comes with a separate freezer compartment where you can put your food and soup; this is just a different compartment inside the fridge as this is a single door refrigerator. The separate freezer compartment allows you to arrange your food and drink items in a manner that will be neat and easy to retrieve. This a value-for-money item that can be purchased at stores like Jumia, Konga, or Cash and Carry. The latest Prices can be seen below.

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Compact Design

Its compact design allows it to fit in a relatively small space; this becomes handy if you intend to use it in your room, office, or if your kitchen is not very large. The reversible door also allows you to decide if you want to open the door from left to right or the other way round; giving you options on its position in the kitchen. The arrangement is also enhanced with Tall bottle storage and a can holder on the door. The wide door rack can accommodate 2-liter bottles and more; giving you some much desired extra storage space.

midea 93 liter fridge inside

Freezer Compartment.

With a separate freezer compartment, you can easily stock up and store all your frozen treats like soups; there is a mechanical dial that allows you to control the temperature of the freezer. The freezer is covered with a perforated white plastic door; it’s not transparent like some other fridges. The de-frosting is done manually meaning it simply requires you to remove all the food from the refrigerator and leave the door(s) open for the ice crystals to melt. Ice crystals in the freezer compartment reduce the space available to store food and also the performance.

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Other Features.

The two fronts two legs are adjustable so you can level or tilt your fridge as you so desire. This Midea Fridge is rated for energy efficiency by the UL Energy Verification Scheme. This is a product that will deliver on its promise and is backed by  Midea’s warranty. Midea is represented by Somotex in Nigeria.



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