Eastman 2KVA-24V Solar Hybrid Inverter – Review


This inverter from Eastman is rated at 2KVA; this is a decent rating for a typical two to a three-bedroom apartment. Typical loads will include 8 led bulbs, 3-4 Fans, one 32-inch TV, 1 home theater, and a small 170L refrigerator. This is a 24V inverter so it will require at least 2 batteries to run; for starters, I will suggest 2 150ah batteries. These settings will guarantee about 4-5hours of backup power if there is a power outage. This inverter is solar-ready; this mean all you need to get is some Solar Panels and this puppy will charge some batteries; kindly consult your technician about this.


Eastman Inverters are known to be reliable and this particular product has proven itself to me personally. It survived a 450V surge without smoking; all it did was display an error code and cut off the power supply. I can tell you it unlikely to go out on you prematurely as long as it is connected properly and not overloaded; though it also has overload protection. The fact that it’s almost solar-ready makes it a very good buy as you can always add solar panels in the future.

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