PRAG H-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter -2KVA 24V- Spec Review and Prices


This PRAG 2KVA – 24V Inverter is part of the H-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter from Prag (the series is available in 2kva, 4KVA, 6.5KA and 7.5KVA) is a Durable and Fast Charging Inverter that combination of an inverter, battery charger, and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 88%. What this means is that the inverter will charge the batteries while supplying power to the house and automatically switches source from Grid to Batter in case of a power failure and vice-versa. This particular 2,4kVA inverter comes with a DC voltage rating of 24V (We explained what the Voltage Ratings mean here); the higher KVA have 48V variants. This inverter capacity of 2KVA is enough for a 2-3 bedroom flat where the load will likely include 8 led bulbs, 3-4 Fans, one 32-inch TV, 1 home theater, and a small 170L refrigerator. The inverter rating is actually 1.8kVA with a maximum capacity of 2.0KVA.

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Being a 24V battery, you’ll need a minimum of 2 batteries to run it; with an increment of 2 batteries if backup time needs to be extended. Two 200ah batteries connected to this inverter with loads similar to those described above should supply backup power for a minimum of 10hrs assuming the batteries are fully charged and still at their peak performance. Additional batteries will extend your back-up time but not increase the load your inverter would carry. This inverter can charge using up to an impressive 120Amps, this indicates it can charge a couple of batteries without overheating; note that the more batteries your charge the high your power bill is going to be and the higher your generator capacity has to be if you intend charging with the generator. It’s a Pure Sine inverter so you can be sure of utmost efficiency.

I bought this particular a couple of months back and I can talk about its performance. The charging is really fast if you use the full power but I will not advise that; charging slowly with lower currents increases the longevity of your batteries. The inverter is designed to be wall-mounted but you can still use it horizontally on a pedestal. The Prag H inverter series allows you to select the kind of batteries you are connecting; this helps the inverter chose the correct voltage to charge and discharge your batteries, thereby keeping them working for longer. Also, the Intelligent Charger system makes sure your battery is never overcharged. The 15 seconds load delay makes it suitable for generator usage.

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The Unit I bought had a minor issue and Prag Customer Service fixed it at no cost to me; Prag stands behind its product. One minor I had with the inverter is that when the switch is off all the systems are down meaning the charger too is off; I just prefer Inverters that allow me to charge the battery even if the switch is off as long as I have utility power though it will not switch to battery power when a power cut occurs. That’s just me, that might not be a requirement for most people.


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