Eastman 220AH 12v Tubular Wet Cell Inverter Battery- Specs Review and Price

eastman inverter battery

The Eastman brand is becoming popular with inverters and batteries in Nigeria. Luminous batteries have been manufactured in India for over 37 years.  The Eastman 220AH Tubular Wet Cells inverter battery is designed to be used for inverter and solar installations.  One thing I have noticed about the Eastman line of products is the ruggedness they have. This is a 12V 220AH battery, meaning if you use a 12V inverter, you can use basically either 1 or 2 of these, a 24V will require the batteries in pairs(2, 4, or 6). You might have noticed that the battery looks a little taller than the common inverter batteries, that is correct; that’s why it’s called a tubular battery. It is also a wet cell battery, meaning it is not totally maintenance-free as the sealed popular inverter batteries that are sealed (Sealed Maintenance Free, SMF).



These Eastman Tubular Wet cell batteries are guaranteed to be more rugged than most brands and can withstand high and low temperature; they however require a little bit of maintenance as the electrolyte might need topping very less frequently than other brands,  depending on the usage. A single battery of this type is capable of providing back-up power to a relatively small apartment with one TV and two fans; backup time should be a minimum of 6 hours depending on inverter efficiency. This battery is equipped with visible gauges that allow you to see the level of the electrolyte and to top as at when needed.

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Eastman Tubular Wet cell batteries have been reviewed to last up to six years under rugged usage and regular maintenance; I personally installed one of these sometimes ago and I can easily recommend it. They are protected from overcharging and can easily recover from over-discharging.

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