Okayama 2.8kva Petrol Generator Manual Start – Specs Review and Price

okayama petrol genrator 2.8

Okayama, I have to agree with the fact that it sounds like a Japanese town; actually, a Japanese town exists with the exact name. Okayama is actually an established manufacturer of generators, high, pressure cleaners, and welding generators to name a few; they seem to have made an in-road into Sri Lanka. They seem to set their sights on the Nigerian market now. I am never one that downplays any brand because it’s not popular, I prefer to let them prove themselves. About the Okayama 2.8kva generator itself; it seems to be targeted to the relatively small household with few energy-hungry devices, it’s a similar generator to this TEC generator. We’ll look at the load capacity next. See prices below.


The generator seems to use the LT-168F engine which makes me suspect the brand is related to Lutian since they use that engine in their generators too. In terms of load capacity; its max capacity is pegged at 2.8kva while the running capacity is 2.5kva; this is the one that should interest you. 2.5kva means you can conveniently load this generator with your 5 60W bulbs, 3 ceiling fans, 1 32-inches TV, 1 home theater, and a 150L refrigerator; you can also put a 1 HP air conditioner on this but it has to be an inverter AC to avoid the larger starting power required by conventional ACs. This (with the inverter AC) will come to about 80% of your generator, I will never advise you to go higher than this to elongate the life of your generator. With its 15 liters tank, you should be able to get 11 hours at 80% load, this goes to 16.5 hours at 50% load.

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This Okayama 2.5KVA generator is a manual start with recoil, no key; with an air-cooled engine of 196cc displacement. It promised to be a low noise generator which is very likely to happen based on the engine. This generator is very similar to know brands so servicing it will not be a problem. It seems to be well built and will most likely deliver a top-shelve performance. Let me know in the comments if you’ve used one of these before.


Full Specifications

  • 50% copper
  • 2.8kva rated output
  • low noise level
  • manual start
  • Ignition system : Transistor magneto
  • Engine Displacement: 196cc
  • Noise LEVEL: 65db
  • Engine oil capacity:0.6 liters
  • fuel tank capacity:15 liters
  •  Engine type Air cooled
  • 4stroke single cylinder
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