Haier Thermocool TEC GEN – Captain 2500MS – Specs Review and Price

Our Take: Haier Thermocool has been well known as a brand of electronics in Nigeria for many decades, so when they decided to start making generators, we knew it should be reliable. The  TEC 2500MS also know as the CAPTAN is an entry-level generator with a 2.2kVA starting capacity though I dare say you should be more concerned about the running capacity of 2.0kva. This generator like others in its class is a single-phase generator, meaning it will generate just one positive output line; don’t worry except you have a factory in your flat, this is mostly adequate. Using the 220v used in Nigeria, this generator is capable of supplying about 9Amps. Most of the uses will mostly be for small loads hence the reason we call it entry level.


For load capacity, 9A roughly translates to one 40-inch TV, 5 power-saving bulbs, one 1-HP AC, and a small size(about 120L) refrigerator;  this will get your generator to about 80% capacity. Note the running your generator at the full capacity continuously will reduce the life span, increase the frequency of required service, and increase fuel consumption. The 15L tank should run for at least 10 hours at 80% load and about 14.5 hours on half load; meaning your TV, Fans, and Fridge. I use a generator from this series so I can vouch for the fuel efficiency.

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The generator can not be rolled as it is without tires and there is not key or remote starting; you are stocked with the tried and tested recoil starting method. I will definitely recommend this generator for a small size household like a typical mini-flat; the capacity should be enough. Just make sure your buy at a reliable seller to make sure you are buying the original.


Full Specification

  • Max Capacity: 2.2kw
  • Rated Capacity: 2.0kw
  • Start Type: Recoil
  • 100% copper oil
  • 4 Stroke Engine
  • 14.5L Fuel tank capacity
  • Compact. Fits into limited space
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Open body design for efficient heat exchange
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