LG 227 Liters Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer – Specs Review and Price

lg 227 liters fridge

This LG 227 Liter Refrigerator (Officially named GC-269) is a little unique in that it has its freezer compartment on the bottom; not on the upper part as usually seen in most Refrigerators. The space provided by this refrigerator is ample enough for a typical household with enough to store at least one week’s worth of food for an average family of 4. The refrigerator is equipped with Bioshield, this is a technology that is designed to keep Bacterial and molds aways from your refrigerator; I have an LG refrigerator with Bioshield and I can say I haven’t seen mold in my fridge in more than two years. The Shelves are made with Tempered Glass, giving it extra toughness not to break when you load it with those huge plates of soups. Its well lit inside with LED lights, providing excellent lighting while consuming very little power. You can see some recent prices below.

The Freezer compartment has a unique dome light that provides even light in the compartment. About the Freezer compartment, it has triple ice trays, ensuring that cubed ice is readily available for your yogurt or liquor. The Freezer is divided into three huge compartments, giving you all the space you need to store the foods; it also allows you to separate different kinds of food items from each other. LG equipped this freezer with its Direct Cooling technology, which guarantees faster cooling than conventional freezers. I always love a large freezer and this refrigerator has one. The doors on this LG refrigerator is also reversible, meaning you can change the direction of opening depending on the configuration of your kitchen.

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The Refrigerator is about 1.6 m tall and 0.55m wide, this provided a relatively large capacity without occupying a large space on your kitchen floor. The refrigerator plus freezer is equipped with LG ThinQ, this allows you to diagnose any issue with your smartphone. This looks like a good device to have in a relatively small kitchen with its height and reversible doors. LG’s decision to go with a bottom freezer is the only thing I don’t really understand about this product. But if you do not mind a little bending down to get your soup, then this a good buy by all means. You can get it on Jumia or Konga.


Full Specifications


  • Capacity (Litre): 227
  • Star Rating: 4 Star
  • Cooling Technology: Frost
  • Temp control: Mechanical 
  • Defrosting: Manual 
  • Light: Bulb
  • Anti-bacterial (bio-shield)
  • Reversible Door
  • Tampered glass shelves


  • Handle: Horizontal Bar Handle
  • Door Finish: Metallic PCM
  • Colour: Platinum Silver
  • Door Lock:  Yes

Freezer Compartment

  • Bottom freezer
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Refrigerator Compartment

  • Egg Trey: Yes
  • Vegetable Box: Yes
  • Ice Tray: Yes
  • Stand: Yes



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