Haier Thermocool 1.5HP Inverter Air Conditioner GENPAL – Specs review and Price

haier thermocool 1hp ac This Haier Thermocool 1.5 HP Air conditioner official named HSU-12NRG1 is part of the GenPal Series. They call them GenPal because you can use it on your small i-pass-my-neighbour generators. Those are generators usually between 0.7 and 1.5kVA capacity. This AC can achieve this because it belongs to the class of inverter ACs, this means it can start with a low wattage capacity, unlike conventional ACs. I personally own the 1HP version of this AC (see the review here) and I can tell you that you won’t regret buying this. Always remember not to use a small capacity in an area too large than its capacity, this being a 1.5hp AC can comfortably cool down a typical sitting room or office rapidly as long as the doors are kept closed.


Power Usage

I love this AC class not just because it has a Gen Mode option, it actually has 3 Gen Mode Options (L1, L2 and L3). Based on my testing using a wattage meter on the 1HP version, during normal use on a sunny day, L1 mode does not consume more than about 0.6KW, L2 tops out at about 0.8KV while the L3 setting will consume about 1KV. Note that these are the maximum wattage measured and not be the running wattage, the wattage used will reduce once the room is cooled enough. I’ll expect the 1.5HP to consume slightly higher than those numbers.  Be aware that using your AC on gen mode will cause it to cool the room a little slowly, so if you’re coming from the sunny walk and need the AC to cool very fast, I’ll advise you don’t use GenMode. This AC cools rapidly regardless of the temperature outside as long as the doors and windows are closed.

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Using it on Generator

Even though this is called Gen Pal, the only way you can use this with a small generator is if you use it on the L1 or L2 Gen Mode without using any other appliances that consume any appreciable power. I’ll advise you to use this with a slightly bigger generator with at least a running capacity of 3KVA; this will allow you to operate other appliances like TV and Home Theater.

This a product that I will definitely recommend this Air Conditioner. There is a 3-year warranty cover on this item so you can have some rest of mind.


Full Specifications


Model Number HSU-12NRG1
Capacity (W) – Cooling 3600
(EER) Energy Eff. Rating 3.52
Running Current(A) – Cooling 5.1
Power Supply (Ph,V,Hz) 1, 220-240 ,vac 50hz
Refrigerant R410A
ECO-Friendly Refrigerant Yes
Refrigerant Pipe – Liquid Side Diameter(mm) 6.35
Refrigerant Pipe – Gas Side Diameter(mm) 9.52
Warranty Coverage 3 Year
Condenser Material Copper


Color White


Width 855
Depth 245
Height 280
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