Sonix 32 – Inch Personal TV- Specs Review and Price

sonic 32inch LED TV

What we think.

Sonic is a not so popular brand that is determined to prove itself as a reliable technology company in Nigeria. This Sonix 32-inch TV is actually made with IPS (in-plane switching) technology and not the more popular LED. This is important because of the difference between the two technologies. Being an IPS screen is what makes this screen to be easily used as a computer monitor; an IPS screen produces the best color accuracy and viewing angles too. IPS screens are usually more expensive than LEDs and also consume a little more power to render the high-quality image they deliver.


For display, its 32 inches LED screen is capable of rendering Full High Definition(HD) of your videos at a viewing angle of 178 degrees.  The TV boast of the ability to produce natural color with its high-quality display. The Two HDMI ports available are adequate for most typical needs, also the age-old AV channels too are available for output. A USB port is also provided for connections to Harddisk and USD drives. The Screen also comes with a Stereo Speaker and the ability to play DIVX formats.

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I think a two-year warranty is a sign of reliability. Note that this TV is not a smart TV; if you need to connect your TV to the internet, this is not the TV for you. I love the ability that it can double as a TV and a computer screen without compromising picture quality.

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